Primo Kitchens

The Finish of Ease

Primarily focused on contemporary cabinetry designs in laminate, paint and stain finishes, we enhance the charm, allure and enduring performance of your kitchen, bath, and more.  


We’ve successfully eliminated the
middleman! We streamline
the process with our own
design talent and our own

Full Stock

We are fully stocked with materials to create cabinetry that enhances your kitchen, bath and vanities so you never are left waiting for the production of your custom order to begin.

Design Team

We have our own in-house talented designers that work with you in customizing layouts and maximizing space to personalize the most important rooms and central points of your home.

Our Production

In sync with designers, we manufacture all cabinets in-house and provide expert installation, ensuring your end-product meets expectations, while eliminating typical waits for delivery.

Reach Out to Us

We’re a pleasure to work with, giving you access to easy communication,
quality workmanship, excellent prices, and quick turnaround.